Digital designer from Copenhagen

Keywords:graphic design, web design and film production.

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What I do

Graphic design

I can develop your entire visual identity.
That goes from simply choosing the right typeface / font to designing a unique logo that represents your brand / concept / company.

That sounds like a lot of promises. But really I've done it before just have a look on my previous projects

Web design

Besides making all of the yummy graphic design stuff - I can also design a website for your company / concept / brand etc.

I'd like to see webdesign as a holistic process including: user interaction, testing, analyzing & SEO

But I can also just focus on making it look super cool ;D Take a look on what I've created.

Film production

If pictures tell more than a thousand words. Moving images tell... a lot more :)

From ideas to final product, I will help you formulate your idea. Here are some of my film projects

Not sure what you need?

I can help with that too.

About me

Skills / languages

  • Danish Mother tongue
  • Icelandic Father tongue (OK)
  • English 👍🏼
  • <HTML> & CSS{} Very good
  • Javascript Getting there
  • Wordpress 👌🏼
  • Illustrator Wizard
  • Adobe tools You name it!
  • 3D modelling 👶🏼


So, instead of writing my personal biography I decided on using emojis instead of words. Here goes...

My mother is 🇩🇰 and father 🇮🇸, making me 50/50 and also ⚖️ being born in 🌬 🍂 🍁 🎃.

I’m passionate about 🍣 🎼 🎨 🌱 💻 and ☕️.
As a 👧🏼 I had many interests: 🐴 ⚽️ 🎮 🎬. Later as a 👩🏼 I fell in 💘 with 🎸 & 🎤.
In highschool I studied 📽 (and a bunch of other stuff). After 🎓 I moved to the 🏙, to 📚 at the IT-University.
My first 💭🏆 was to work with 🎮. Instead, I learned that IT was so much more than 💻 🖥 📱.
I strive to mix my passion of 🎼 🎨 and 🌱 in my work.

So.. got it?

I didn't get that at all:
Cool, I totally got it: